Upcoming DC Movies

While Marvel swings from one phase to the next, not that much happens in DC. So it is high time to strengthen the universe. Now Warner Bros. has spoken out and announced the plans and movies from 2022.While the four hours and two minute runtime provided fans with ample entertainment, they’ll still be looking forward to summer when the next big DC movies launch hits theaters. While the summer may seem like a long wait for the next episode to come to DC fans, there is plenty of streamed online, including the Legends of Tomorrow. Slot lovers will find official DC comics, including Justice League and Aquaman slots. Video lovers still have to wait for new releases like Gotham Knights, which will be released in 2022. So let’s first count the next big releases from the DC movies that will be released in theaters;


The Batman – March, 2022

We get to see Robert Pattinson as Batman. We know timelines and continuity in comic book adaptations can be complex, and that’s true here too. The Batman movie exists in a different universe than the other movies on this category. Details about the plot are sparse, but most fans expect a darker movie. P. Dano (Riddler), A. Serkis (Alfred), Z. Kravitz (Catwoman) and C. Farrell (Penguin) are also there.

DC Movies

The Flash – November, 2022

A movie that has been stuck in development for years. But The Flash, with Ezra Miller in the role, will be released in winter 2022. We mentioned earlier that comics timelines are complex and The Flash doesn’t seem any different. Ben Affleck will return to the role of Batman, but there are also rumors that Michael Keaton will be back. Keaton played Batman in Burton’s 1989 Batman and Batman Returns (1992).

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Aquaman 2 – December, 2022

Jason Momoa returns to the big screen just before Christmas next year. The handsome actor is also named as a writer for the Aquaman 2. James Wan is the director, but he didn’t want to reveal too many information about the plot of the movie just yet. Fans speculate that Aquaman will face off against villains like Black Manta and Ocean Master.


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