How To Remove Whiteheads At Home

Whiteheads or acne. Whatever you call those pesky white bumps on your face, arms, and body, they’re very frustrating. Even if you use recommended anti-aging or are diligent about your self-care including clay masks, these little suckers can prove difficult to deal with. But fret not: it’s possible to get rid of whiteheads, both at home and at your dermatologist’s. Here’s a guide to banning whiteheads once and for all.


Fight Against Whiteheads

Whiteheads do not pose a health hazard, but people are in a hurry to get rid of them for beauty reasons. Individual acne is removed. Before performing the process, the face must be thoroughly cleaned with an alcohol-based gel, steamed with a bath with herbal decoction. Then the skin is carefully opened with a disinfected needle, the contents are squeezed out. Finally, the treated skin area should be treated with alcohol. It can be difficult to achieve the desired sterility at home, so it is better to entrust this matter to a cosmetologist. An approach will help avoid the scars and wound infection.

Buy a 1% salicylic solution from a pharmacy. Soak a disc in salicylic and wipe your face twice a day. You can apply the acid topically by rolling a cotton swab, moistening it in the gel and applying it to the areas of the skin.


Clean The Skin Thoroughly With A Washing Gel

In order to combat impure skin, it must first be freed from excess sebum, dead skin cells, dust, dirt. Basically, you should use your cleansing gel twice a day. This ensures that nothing is deposited on the skin, which can clog the pores and encourage whiteheads and pimples to form. Thoroughly cleansing your skin has another advantage: the care products that you apply afterwards can work better. It is good to use a pH washing gel and wash your face with lukewarm water only.

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Open Pores With A Facial Steam Bath

Everything that cannot be removed from the skin with cleansing and peeling can be managed with a facial steamer. The heat and the warm steam of the facial steam ensure that the pores in the face open and deposits such as dirt or residues that have settled on the facial skin are loosened. A facial steamer optimally prepares the skin for the removal of whiteheads and prevents them in the long term. Also great: The facial steamer gives dry skin new moisture and thus also has a rejuvenating success.

In the fight against whiteheads, a bath will help. When you visit the steam room, take an oak or birch broom with you. Wash your face thoroughly with soap, steam your skin and gently slap your face with a broom. This process opens and cleans the pores, removes toxins. Then you can treat the face and hands with alcohol, gently squeeze the products of whiteheads from the enlarged pores.

Aspirin is a good treatment for whiteheads too. The tablets have an inflammatory effect, quickly heal. Drain the excess water and apply the wet mush to the acne spots and hold for 10 min. It is recommended to do such a mask no more than twice a week.


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