Powder Foundation Advantages For Hot Days

A radiant complexion with a silky-matt finish without any annoying oily sheen is the beauty dream for excellence! Powder foundation makes all this and much more possible and is therefore the best summer companion. Here you can find out everything about the must-have for hot days

Who does not know it: The temperatures rise and as the heat increases, the painstakingly applied make-up also says goodbye. What remains is a shiny forehead, in short: a make-up nightmare come true for most women! Repairing the damage on the go with an ordinary powder is difficult: once the foundation is gone in places, an even complexion cannot be restored. Basically, powder and summer make a pretty good pair. But in this case the solution is: powder foundation. This fulfills the properties of a liquid foundation, but consists of minerals. So if you are looking for a product that conjures up great, beautiful skin in summer, you have found it!

What Is Powder Foundation?

Powder foundation, also known as powder makeup, is foundation in powder. It is made from ground minerals, but has significantly better coverage on the skin than conventional powder that is applied over make-up. If you use foundation, you don’t have to put on make-up beforehand and you don’t have to mattify with loose powder afterwards, as the product combines both. To care for the skin in advance, only the application of a day cream is recommended.

Powder Foundation

What Are The Advantages Of Powder Make-Up?

Especially in summer, the benefits of foundation are unbeatable. Whether as a loose or pressed model, powder make-up ensures a great look, but thanks to its high pigment density also covers redness, wrinkles and impurities wonderfully. Unlike makeup, thanks to the powdery texture, there is no risk of the blurring over the course of the day. And the worry of shiny areas on the forehead, nose, cheeks and the like is a thing of the past with powder foundation.

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For women with oily skin, a foundation that mattifies and at the same time allows the skin to breathe is therefore the best choice, even if the beauty product is suitable for all skin types. With the right base, even dry skin will be completely satisfied. By the way, you don’t have to fear a look. Because although powder make-up has a high coverage, it looks natural when applied and creates a lively complexion.


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