Squid Game – When Will Season 2 Be Released?

The gory show was able to fight its way to the top list of Netflix in just a few days. We are already collecting all the details about the start of a possible second season and other facts worth knowing about the sequence. Netflix has renewed the second prime of Squid Game. According to content director of the series, the Squid Game domain has only just begun.

News had already reported in advance that a new season to the series was prepared. The executive chief Dong-hyuk should also be on board again. In an interview he had given many fans a damper:” I don’t have any well-developed plans for the second season. It’s pretty tiresome just thinking about it. But if I were to do it, I certainly wouldn’t do it alone. I would consider a writer’s room and use several experienced producers.

Squid Game

What Happens In The 2nd Season?

For season 2, we see two ways the story could take. It would be possible to repeat the idea of the first season with a new cast. But then the production would have to come up with a specific spin to keep the theory from becoming boring and predictable. This possibility seems the least likely to us, also because the first season ends with a clear cliffhanger. The second possibility is the hunt for those responsible: Here the hunters become the hunted after Hun decides to declare war on the team and the front man. If the director has his way, the second season will come down to another, third variant. In a follow up, he would like to focus on frontman’s story and further develop his relationship with his dead brother Jun-ho. In the end, the recruiter, who has not been worked out very well so far, represents an exciting personality for him that should be further developed,

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There is still no reliable detail about the cast of the second season of the series. However, it is possible that we will see a few familiar faces again. So we think it’s likely that J. Lee will appear again as Gi-Hun. Due to the high death rate of the show, however, most of the actors will be replaced by new participants.


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