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The MBA title brings with it a certain reputation in life and often better pay. However, in order to be able to use these advantages in the working world, investments must first be made. The amount of the tuition fees vary greatly depending on the institution and course of study and clear differences can also be seen depending on the locations and the countries. The MBA is associated with tuition fees in the four to five-digit range. There are also additional costs such as travel and accommodation, learning or possible stays abroad.

Many interested parties are quickly put off by these sums of money. However, an MBA degree does not have to be expensive. In addition to the large and well-known universities, there are also some lesser-known providers who offer their MBA’s at a lower price – without the quality of the MBA course being worse. In addition, studying at a state institution is usually associated with lower costs than at a private one.


Inexpensive MBAs Are Often Associated With The Possibility Of Distance Learning

This is hardly due to the lower tuition fees, but rather to the additional costs already mentioned, some of which can be saved. Part-time MBAs are also available in this context. The employer sometimes pays a share of the costs, but a part-time MBA pays off because – unlike full studies – no loss of earnings has to be taken into account.


Is There A Free Distance Learning MBA?

No. A distance learning MBA always costs money. The cheapest MBAs start at around 8,000 dollars in distance learning. There are often no upper limits. In addition, many interested ones are blinded by the advertising of so-called massive open online courses.

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Here it is often advertised that you can complete your MBA distance learning for free. Unfortunately, this is not entirely true, as usually only the use of the content of the institution are free. For the MBA degree, you have to dig deep into your pocket again.

You Should Pay Attention To This With The MBA Distance Learning Costs

In addition to the monthly tuition fees and the costs that arise for your meals on site, there are other cost items that you should clarify with the institution of your choice before signing a contract:

• Are there exam fees or are they included in the monthly cost?
• Do I have to pay extra to attend the face-to-face courses?
• What happens if I exceed the regular period of study? Will I have to pay additional penalties?

Always remember! Private universities are only companies that want to earn money. Therefore, pay attention to the small print before signing the deal so that there are no nasty surprises later.


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