How To Delete Netflix History

You didn’t like a series on Netflix at all and now the streaming keeps asking you to keep watching it? This is annoying, but it can be avoided with just a few clicks. In our instructions we will tell you how to delete Netflix history and prevent a series from appearing under continue watching.

Netflix keeps statistics on your streaming behavior. This can be an advantage if you are looking for the title of a movie or if you want to know where you have been looking at a series. However, if someone else has accidentally used your Netflix, or if you prefer not to see certain creations in your history, you can easily delete them again.

Netflix offers you countless series and movies for a fixed price. There is a great temptation not to always look at the end of the content. If you break off a series in the middle or turn off a movie halfway through, they’ll stay with you.

This also means that Netflix will remind you of them. The streaming asks you to keep watching, which is not desirable for every piece of content. In the following, we will tell you how to delete your Netflix history and thus prevent the continue watching feature.

Netflix History

This Is How It Works

If you want to delete all episodes of a series, then click on Hide series section. In this way, it no longer appears in the continue viewing list. Open Netflix in your browser and select your profile if necessary. Click on your profile at the top right and then select the item Account. In the overview you will find the item “Title history” at the bottom of the tab. There you will find an overview of your entire Netflix history. You now have the option to delete individual titles and movies from your history. Below you will also find an option with which you can delete your entire history – if a Netflix restart should be necessary.

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Don’t be surprised, it can take up to 1 day until the deleted titles disappear from your history and are accordingly no longer listed under continue viewing. Netflix seems to have removed the option to also delete the history with the app with one of the latest updates. If this  is available again in the future, we will add it here.


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