Important Facts About Nail Care

Good nail care is the important requirement for a good manicure. If you have paper-thin and weak nails, the Shellac or gel will not work. If they are not strong enough, they will break off again and again and you will never reach the desired length. In other words, before we even think about nail polish or even nail art, we make sure that our nails are also very healthy and well-groomed. What should you watch out for? We asked nail experts about nail care and gave us a few tips.


Gel Manicure – What To Look For?

Gel nails can offer a great advantage for thin and especially brittle nails. Especially when a certain shape or length of the nails is required. Anyone who decides on gel nails should keep the following points in mind: If an unsightly edge forms in the lower area of the fingernail, you should set an appointment for refilling. It can usually take 3-4 weeks for this to appear. Also, if the nails are too long and sticking out over the tips, the chances are they’ll break off. Gel nails should also not be worn for longer than 4 weeks : Bacteria can quickly accumulate between the nail plate and the so-called cuticle, which can sometimes lead to inflammation in the area of the nail bed.

Nail Care

Shellac Manicure – What To Look For?

If you do not find the thickness of the gel nail appealing, you can achieve an equally long-lasting and stable manicure with Shellac. But here too, there are a few things to consider: Always choose real brands, recommend the experts – These can be easily removed.

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What Should Nail Care Look Like After A Manicure Appointment?

Even if the feeling of happiness lasts for a long time after a manicure, one should not forget about the care afterwards. It is important to care for the nails with nail oil and hand cream to protect the skin and nails from drying out and premature signs of aging. You should do that during and after the treatment. Nail oil is well applied before going to bed, as it provides deep regeneration overnight.

Which Utensils Are Important?

The nail scissors are of course just as much a part of the equipment as a good file. By the way, many people prefer nail clippers to scissors – especially for toenails. All of these tools can be found in a well-stocked set. Also often with them: a small, thin wooden stick to push or a fine pair of pliers to remove the cuticle. There are also various manicure devices that work electrically and thoroughly file and polish.


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