How To Clean TV Screen

The screens of televisions catch dust and sometimes get grease stains. Especially when there are children in the household, it can quickly lead to a slap on the screen. So that the screen does not have to suffer, we explain how you can clean the TV screen and keep it clean without damaging the display.

What Do I Need For Cleaning?

In order to clean the TV gently, you need the right preparation and the right utensils. First of all, you should make sure that there is no more electricity flowing. The best thing to do is to simply pull out the plug. If the TV was on recently, give it a little time to cool down to room temperature.

Soft brush: The soft brush is placed on the corners and in the cracks that the cloth does not cover. These are mainly located on the back of the TV and in the ports. Please make sure that the brush is really clean and has not been used for other purposes before.

Screen cleaner: You should use liquids for slightly larger dirt such as prints. Here we recommend a TV screen cleaner, as this effectively removes dirt and does not damage the display.

Some recommend window cleaners. You can also use this for cleaning, but only in small quantities, as it will otherwise attack the panel. You should only apply window cleaner to the cloth and then clean the screen with the cloth. Never spray the window cleaner onto the display! Please make sure that it does not contain any acids.

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TV Screen

Clean The TV Without Damaging It

Remove dust: The right way to handle dust is to use a microfiber cloth. With it you can simply run over the screen at the front until the dust is removed. As I said, you can also use the compressed air spray, but it is a bit more expensive and it is more thorough with the cloth.

On the back you can also clean larger areas with the microfiber cloth, this should remove the greatest dirt. For the finer areas such as the speakers or other cracks, it is good to use the soft brush. Fingerprints and grease stains: For more stubborn dirt such as grease stains, it should be a damp cleaning. It is good to have two microfiber cloths ready. One for wet cleaning and the other to dry the screen again.


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