Popular Amazon Prime Movies For Children

What am I watching today in Amazon Prime? It’s not that easy to decide on Amazon Prime Video. More blockbusters appear every month, which subscribers can watch for free. There is also a small selection of self produced movies for children. So that you know what’s going on in view of the many innovations, we list all the titles that have been popular among kids.



A Paul King comedy starring Ben Whishaw and Hugh Bonneville. Paul King brings Paddington, a bear stranded in London, to life with this new movie.


Animated film by Yarrow Cheney and Scott Mosier. The Grinch is the famous children’s story by Dr. Seuss reissued as a comedy film. The green haired spoiler tries to prevent Christmas again.

Raya The Last Dragon

Raya The Last Dragon is an animation movie directed by Don Hall, Paul Briggs (co-director). The film is being distributed by Walt Disney Studios. Kelly Marie Tran, Awkwafina plays in Raya The Last Dragon and the movie is expected to release on 4-3-2021.


When China’s emperor issued a decree that one man from each family would be drafted into the imperial army to defend the country from invaders from the north, Mulan, the daughter and only child of a high positioned soldier, decides to replace a sick man and a weakened father to obey the draft order.

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Wrinkle In Time

Meg just wants to be a normal teenager, but because the daughter of the famous scientist couple Kate and Alex Murry is just like her brother, she is always treated differently at school – especially when her father suddenly disappears.

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Mary Poppins Returns

London in 1930: The country is struggling with a crisis and Michael and Jane Banks have grown up: Jane is a campaigner for women’s rights and Michael works in the bank where his father was already employed and lives with his three children Annabel, Georgie and John as well as the housekeeper Ellen still at 17 Cherry Tree Lane.


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