The Relation Between Musical Instruments And Children

Playing an instruments has great effects on skills, personality development and creativity of a child. Playing an instrument together with friends, schoolmates and family members is very important. The fact that a child gets involved and attuned to his fellow musicians promotes core skills such as teamwork and intelligence.


When Can A Child Learn An Instrument?

The school age is a very rough guide. There are children who can and want to start music lessons earlier and on the other hand, there are also children who only want to learn an instrument later.

Early Musical Education

Early musical education is not to be confused with the correct lessons. This kind of lesson is primarily about conveying the fun of music in a playful way and not about learning a certain instrument seriously.


Simpler and More Difficult Instruments

Some instruments, for example the piano, are suitable for very young children, as they can be learned relatively easily. Other instruments, such as the tuba, is a little more difficult to play due to their technique.

Bigger and Smaller Instruments

Some instruments such as the guitar or the drums are available in age-appropriate sizes so that the child can hold and play the instrument well. With other instruments, for example the piano, the height of the student is not decisive for the size of the instrument. With the piano you can limit yourself to a smaller range of sheets at the beginning. Instead, the correct seat height and an  adjustable bench, is something that must be taken into account.

Which Is The Right Instrument?

Which instrument is the right one for my child? Of course, every instrument has its peculiarities: if you want to start learning the tuba, you need a certain volume of air, which is already sufficient at around eight years of age; for learning to play the trumpet it is usually advisable to begin only after the second teeth are formed. To play the violin, you need a sufficient level of fine motor skills, which is available from around the age of six.

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