Is Tinder Gold Worth It

Are you looking for the right partner or a nice date and have you already tried various options? How about the Tinder Gold dating app? I’ll tell you everything about the advantages and disadvantages of Tinder Gold, the differences to the regular version, the term Tinder Gold, which features await you and which updates to Tinder Gold are available. If you opt for the Gold subscription to the dating app Tinder, you will receive some additional functions that are not available to you in the free version.

  • With Tinder you get all the additional functions that you have activated with a membership. In addition, there are two other features for Tinder Gold members.
  • The advantage of this subscription is that you can save time by seeing directly who is also interested in you. This gives you a higher hit rate with the top picks. The only downside to Tinder is that you could take away the fun and excitement that comes with the uncertainty of swiping.
  • With Tinder you have the option to undo a swipe. With the help of the Tinder, you can change your location with Tinder and search for matches on the go.
  • The number of likes that you can distribute in one day is no longer restricted.
  • With more detailed search and privacy settings, you have an even better chance of finding the right match.

Tinder Gold

At Tinder Gold, you can like all ten top picks recommendations per day that Tinder gives you. In the basic version it was always the case that you could only like one profile of these top picks per day. You can see whether or not someone has liked you before you swipe.

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This question depends primarily on you. Basically, you don’t have much more than the certainty of who liked you. However, if you let yourself be surprised and do not have to know immediately who liked you, it will not bring you so many advantages and therefore not necessarily be worthwhile.

But if you don’t have that many matches anyway and therefore want to attach particular importance to each like, then buying Tinder Gold may well be worth considering. Because this way you can use your likes and also write to girls who you might otherwise have swiped to the left.


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