Romantic Things To Do In Atlanta For Couples

A trip to Atlanta, the capital of the South, has numerous highlights in store for couples: discover the city’s most popular sights, great attractions at Centennial and experience Atlanta’s green side with a visit to Piedmont. Many events and theater stages as well as grandiose things enrich the city’s cultural offerings and provide great entertainment. The metropolis has also become famous as a location for world-famous movies and shows – take an exciting cinema tour for a look behind the scenes. One of Atlanta’s most famous residents was Luther King, who moved an entire generation with his fight for civil rights. Delve into history and learn about the city’s important role in the civil rights movement.


Downtown Atlanta

Explore the highlights in the heart of Atlanta. There you will find Centennial with some of the most beautiful sights in the city. The park was created for the 1996 Summer Olympics and offers countless attractions for the romantic couples: take part in outdoor concerts or visit the Fountain of Rings. This fountain, made up of the five Olympic rings, is also a great playground for children. There is also a wonderful water show with music and light show several times a day. Next to the park stretches a small entertainment district, which also houses the world of Coca-Cola. The museum explores the history and success of the iconic beverage, which was invented in the city and is now exported to more than 200 countries. Across the street is the Aquarium, which houses 500 species from around the world and introduces couples to the animals exciting habitats. 

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Outdoor Fun Close To Town

In the vicinity of Atlanta, true paradises invite you to wonderful excursions. Visit Stone Mountain Park, located about 30 km from Atlanta. Here you can enjoy nature while hiking and biking, as well as stand up paddling. In addition, many worthwhile events take place here every year, such as the Yellow Daisy and the Native American Festival.

Plan The Picnic In Piedmont Park

A romantic vacation is never complete without a fun-filled break. Piedmont Park is the most coveted picnic spot stretching along the Midtown neighborhood. After visiting attractions that gave your loved one a rush, it’s time for you to spend time with your sweetheart by gazing at those alleys, biking and walking. You can settle into the most romantic spots in the park where you and your partner can enjoy and marvel at the scenery.

Romantic Things To Do In Atlanta For Couples
Romantic Things To Do In Atlanta For Couples

Dine at Nikolai’s Roof

Nikolai’s Roof, located on the top floor of the Hilton hotel, offers you a great experience in terms of food and the breathtaking view that you can see from this roof. Whether it’s for a date, honeymoon, or anniversary, Nikolai’s Roof will completely change your perception of Atlanta thanks to the great view you’ll enjoy from this place. If you’re into cocktails, head to this hip spot that serves top-shelf drinks that will satisfy your appetite.


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