Best Sci Fi Movies On Netflix

Science fiction is arguably one of the most popular film genres alongside the other categories. The boundaries are fluid and often unclear, especially in science fiction. We have already attempted to clarify this: the best sci fi movies on Netflix;


The Fifth Element

In this action adventure, the biodiversity is as colorful as in Star Trek. In the year 2263 an all-destructive phenomenon is approaching the earth. The final battle between good and evil will be decided on earth. Only four mystical stones and the fifth element in the form of a woman named Leeloo can stop evil.

Sci Fi Movies


The Predator is probably the best known alien race of the variety. Arnold Schwarzenegger first met a Predator in 1987. That didn’t turn out well for the extraterrestrial hunter. Netflix also has the two sequels Predator 2 and Predators in its list, although we clearly prefer the plural here. But nothing beats the original, one of the best sci-fi of all time.


Riddick is a perfect match for this series. We named the third part first because the focus here is clearly not on the evil aliens, but on the man who kills them. The original of this series is of course Pitch Black – Planet of Darkness, which can also be seen on Netflix. But Riddick is a successful return after the rather mediocre second part Riddick: Chronicles of a Warrior (not included on Netflix).

District 9

Aliens are an integral part of this genre, but rarely have the aliens been portrayed as they are in this great sci-fi. In the movie, a spaceship with alien refugees lands in Johannesburg. They are interned in camps. More than ten years later, the insect-like aliens are said to be relocated by the security company MNU. The MNU employee Wikus comes into contact with a liquid that apparently slowly turns him into an alien. He has to realize that his employer does not necessarily think about help. Rather, the company that conducts banned experiments with the aliens shows great interest in his mutations. All he has left is to flee.

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It continues with cyberpunk. In this underrated film, the silent bartender Leo goes in search of his missing girlfriend Naadirah. Like an elephant in a china shop, he stumbles through a futuristic Berlin of the year 2052, past dubious figures, who is desperately trying to leave the country with his daughter. This time Jones tells his story not quite as straightforwardly as usual, but has another twist ready.


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