The 5 Phases Of Relationship And Love

Every relationship is a constantly changing process that takes place more slowly in one partnership and faster in the other. Nevertheless, every love goes through the same steps of the relationship – if it lasts that long.

No matter if we are rich or poor, famous or unknown – all love goes through these simple steps of the relationship. Most people should be familiar with the first two steps, but even those who have already experienced all of the relationship steps may not found the partner of their life. Unfortunately, only after the last step of the relationship do we know whether we have found our soulmate with our partner, with whom we want to go through forever.



The Step Of Being In Love

The first step of any love is the infatuation period. In this step you wear rose colored glasses, have butterflies in your stomach. Our partner appears to us to be great in this phase and we do not see any downsides in him or her. We are kind of blind with love. We can hardly wait for the next meeting and we keep surprising our the oppsite with small gifts and attentions.

The Feeling Of Being In Love Disappears

In the second step of the relationship, we take off our rose colored glasses and suddenly see behavioral patterns that we previously did not notice in our partner. In this phase, we take a closer look at and discover more and more things that we don’t like. As soon as the feeling of being in love disappears, we see more and more differences between us and our partner. We wonder how we could have been so mistaken. At this moment we can still see what connects, but also what separates.

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Opposites Are Fought

The third process of the relationship is not exactly better than the second. Both consider whether a breakup might be best. One gets entangled again and again in territorial and competitive struggles. Neither of them wants to give in and everyone wants the last word in this period.

The Me And You Phase

By the fourth period of the relationship at the latest, you know exactly what the other person is like and what makes them sick. The struggles are over and you can now use your energy for your own personal development.

In this period of the relationship you see yourself as a couple, but you also try to find enough space for yourself without losing sight of solidarity. In this step of the relationship, interest in the partner grows again and you get to know many sides of the other person anew. Here you also encourage your partner’s own development – he is independent, but still belongs to me.

You Are My Home

This period, the fifth and last phase of love, is the most beautiful, deepest and most intimate one of a relationship. Anyone who has arrived here can speak of true love without masks and deceptions. Unfortunately, this wonderful time is reached less and less today. It is more and more common for couples to separate in the first three steps of the relationship because of the lack of understanding and acceptance.


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