Does Music Increase Your Performance Even Further?

We have playlists and other details about running with music performance. The main thing is that it should be driving. But is there so many songs in the world that have great music to run? Yes! Only among the world’s greatest does the motivating side of music play no role. As a rule, top runners concentrate on controlling their body as efficiently as possible, focusing inward, not on the playlist. For recreational runners, music before and during the run can not only delay the point of fatigue, but also enable up to 20 % higher performance.


The Impact Of Music On Your Mileage

Listening to music before running can increase motivation for the upcoming session. If you listen to the music afterwards, it can even have a great effect on regeneration. Some studies also prove another assumption: the harder the training, the less benefit music brings.

The Higher The Exertion, The Less Music Influences The Training

It turned out that the higher the effort, the less impact music has on workout. Initially, the music primarily influences the participants, as they need a certain amount of time for the brain to perceive the intensity of the training. Only then does a mechanism begin to focus attention on the most important signals in the body.


Relaxing Music After The Run Accelerates Regeneration

Music before running led to a reduction. Vagotonia is a state of the nervous system which dominates over the sympathetic nervous system, so the body is more geared towards rest and relaxation.

This Is How You Create A Playlist

Finding a song that will spice you up for a few minutes isn’t too difficult. It gets more complicated when you want to put together a series of pieces of music that should accompany you throughout the run – especially if it is a long run. The song list must have its own dramaturgy, with deliberately set highlights and quieter pieces in between. You are not only on the road for five minutes, you need something that occupies you for an hour.

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