Surprising Benefits Of Listening To Music

Listening music makes you happier. When we hear those we like, the brain releases dopamine, the drug in the body. The neurologists gave test subjects a means that measures the amount of dopamine released in the body. The result: after 15 minutes of favorite music, the level rose considerably and with it the feeling of happiness and joyful excitement. So it doesn’t always have to be coke or a cup of coffee when we’re in a bad mood.


Music Makes Us Do Better When We Run

With fast, motivating music, the examined runners reached the finish line faster than with slow or no music, as researchers have shown.

Music Heals

Above all, because the stress cortisol is broken down and as is well known, stress in our time makes more souls and bodies sick than anything else. Just listening music strengthens the immune. The effect is stronger when you are playing music yourself or at least tapping your foot to it, being involved.

Music Makes You Sleep Better

If you have trouble falling asleep or sleeping through the night, become a human roller in bed, try music. In one study, students slept significantly better if they listened to relaxing music for half an hour before going to bed.

listening music

Music Relieves Depression

Listening music in the evening not only improves sleep, it also reduces signs of depression, the same study showed. The result: In addition to music, it is meditative music that takes our sadness away.

Music Helps You Lose Weight

If you listen to music with your meal, you will eat fewer calories and enjoy it more. Increased effect with dimmed lights.

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Music Makes Us Drive Better

Better in the sense of safety. Because it lifts the mood and makes it more balanced.

Music Relieves Pain

Research showed that music helped cancer patients more than the treatments for pain. This connection was also found in intensive care patients and elderly people – provided the music was relaxing or fast or the patient chose it himself.


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