5 Great Home Exercises For Men

Despite the closed fitness centers: We men can also easily do some exercises at home in order to stay fit now, because precisely you spend a lot of time at home, it is worth looking for some training options here too to improve your physical level. We have searched for some home exercises for men and tell you how, with a little imagination, you can change your home into a workout home.


Stair Steps

The next flight of stairs is sure to be near you. Whether in the stairwell, in your own home or outside your front door: Stairs can do a lot. The exercise: When you pinch your cheeks together and stand with your left foot on the second step, put your right leg back with a long lunge. Hold the tension for a few seconds and then switch the leg while jumping.

Squats With The Broom

The squat exercise is well known to many and is one of the most well known training exercises that can also be practiced at home. So, grab the broom – not for cleaning, but for squats. This is particularly suitable for staying in balance for the squat workout.

Suitcase Lifting

We come to the creative replacement for dumbbells. For a steely back and broad shoulders, the front lift with suitcases is suitable. So, grab your favorite vacation suitcase, because it is now being misused: fill it with weights and hold it at shoulder height. Then slowly crouch down from a light stance. With this dumbbell replacement you can do many more exercises.

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Abdominal Workout With Chair

To do this, lie down in front of the chair and place your legs on it. This will keep them high and you can start with the ab exercises by pulling your elbow towards the opposite knee. Tiring, but very effective!

Home Exercises

Bottles As A Dumbbell Replacement

With heavy 1.5 lt bottles, exercises such as side raises and triceps presses can also be well simulated. Side raises ensure broad shoulders: To do this, you have to stand upright and position your feet shoulder-width apart. A filled bottle in each hand. Now slowly raise your arms sideways to shoulder height, hold the tension briefly and then lower it again.


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