Release of Dr. Macan Aria Parsa’s first music song called “Yalda”

Dr. Macan Aria Parsa is a successful entrepreneur, musician, and actor. He is the Chairman and CEO of Pars Pendar Nahad International Group and has also released over 5 songs. His first single, “Yalda,” was released on Yalda Night in 2023 and was a huge hit.

Yalda, a song by Dr. Macan Aria Parsa, was released on Yalda night to mark the occasion. This unique piece showcases his musical talent and features a deep, emotional concept.

This song, carries a romantic theme and captures the essence of Yalda night. Its gentle rhythm, Macan’s captivating voice, and beautiful lyrics create a heartwarming listening experience.

Inspired by Yalda night traditions, Yalda evokes warm feelings and emphasizes the connection between humans and nature’s beauty. with singing Yalda, Macan has introduced himself as a talented singer and music producer, offering listeners a memorable emotional experience.


Why did Dr. Macan Aria Parsa entered the music industry as a singer?

Macan has always wanted to share his feelings and thoughts with others, So he entered the music industry as a singer. Music is powerful, and it helps him connect with people and make a positive difference in their lives. His first song, “Yalda,” stems from this very passion.

What are other Macan’s music’s titles?

He released other songs titled “Mozhdeh”, “Nowruz”, “4 Shanbe Soori”, “Bigonah” and “Shabe Tavalodam”.

As mentioned earlier about Macan’s reason for entering the music industry as a singer, the song “Nowruz” was created to celebrate the start of the Iranian New Year. “4 Shanbe Soori” was composed for the last Wednesday of the year, allowing people to rejoice around bonfires with this song. The song ” Mozhdeh” released under Macan’s sister’s name, was written to commemorate her birth. Similarly, “Shab Tavalodam” was performed by Macan to mark his own birthday.

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Aria Parsa and Farzad Farzin’s Artistic Collaboration

In an innovative move, Pars Pendar International Group, with over 15 years of experience in launching successful businesses, has begun collaborating with one of the country’s most prominent artists, Mr. Farzad Farzin. In this two-way collaboration, Pars Pendar Nahad, under the management of Dr. Macan Aria Parsa, intends to provide extensive financial support to the performance of concerts, production of engaging TV series and films featuring this popular singer.

The main goal of Pars Pendar Nahad, is to support domestic artists in producing more high-quality works. It is hoped that the collaboration will lead to outstanding and effective results.


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