The 2021 Home Decoration Trends

The new year also means changes in terms of home design. While we can look forward to some old friends from 2020, the home fashion 2021 are surprising, especially when it comes to colors. In the following, interior home design experts will tell you which decoration idea you will not be able to avoid when it comes to home decoration.


Sustainability Plays An Important Role

As in all other areas of our life, the topic of sustainability will continue to play a very important role in the area of ​​housing and furnishings in 2021. Conspicuous patterns tend to take a back seat, because there is a great desire for simplicity and sustainability, which allows us to choose furniture and decor with care. The trend is towards simplicity and away from opulence. That is why fair made wooden furniture made from environmentally friendly elements is on the rise. So we now buy our furniture in such a way that we can keep them as long as possible and only have to be exchanged very little. This is a great trend, not only for the environment but also for the wallet.

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Cosiness And Minimalist Decoration Move In

Cosiness already played an important role in 2020. In 2021 colors from nature will create even more cozy vibes in our home. Structures and materials such as rattan, jute and cord set the style this year. At the same time, the natural colors create a relax atmosphere and give the room a certain liveliness. The result is a simple and trend look that is reduced to clear lines and soft tones. The accents are set with the texture, not the color. The trend is for calm interiors with natural and soft colors.

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Pure Natural Colors

As far as the colors are concerned, the 2021 home decoration are based entirely on the colors of nature. From this year’s classic blue to stronger earth and calming green tones, everything is included. Green tones have the most intense inspiration in connection with natural furniture – so use wicker baskets, wood furniture and materials made of linen and cotton! Of course, with all of the 2021 trends, it’s still your own taste that counts. We believe that the trend for this new decade is to really follow one’s own style and not be limited to any furnishing rules – people should be encouraged to combine different interior design and details.


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