Get Physically Active During The Pandemic

Many people currently work from home or cannot do their job at all and spend a lot of time at home. But there are some ways to be physically active even during the COVID-19 crisis. Especially in the times of the pandemic, we should make sure that we continue to exercise sufficiently. This strengthens our immune and also does something for our well-being.


Walk, Run, Ride A Bike

Basically, it’s a good way to exercise in the fresh air. People who are just starting out with sports can get in with a walk. At a speed of four to five km an hour, you will notice that the breathing rate shoots up a bit. Anyone who has joint problems can also sit on a bike and ride with a high speed. Anyone who wants to go one step further can run. It’s a nice option because you can exercise a lot of functions in a short time. The longer you run, the better results – the experts advise 45 to 60 minutes of running, while cycling can be 2 hours.

Keep Your Distance When Exercising Outdoors

It is also important to keep enough distance outside. Because if you move and breathe vigorously while exercising, you will spread the droplets more than usual when you breathe out. Do not move close to someone else while exercising. Please observe the rules of conduct that are summarized: keep your distance at least 1.5 m, observe hygiene rules and wear an everyday mask where it gets tight.

Even In Old Age Due To The Corona

Older people who already belong to the risk cycle and who greatly reduce their contacts are now lacking the fitness and exercise that previously took place in centers or private coaches.  Exercise is particularly important for this age group. Sport is not only an important component in strengthening your immune and getting through the crisis fit, it is also a preventive measure against illness.

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Your Own Body As An Exercising Tool

The way to work, which requires at least a bit of exercise and which some people consciously cycle, is currently no longer available for many employees. You can’t make the mistake of sitting around at home now. As a result, the body experiences many side effects. The back in particular suffers when we are stuck in front of the screen in at home.


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