The Most Important Rules Of A Healthy Lifestyle

Everyone wishes to stay healthy for as long as possible. With a healthy lifestyle, you can do a lot to yourself. The most important rules are nutrition, exercise, relaxation and sleep, avoidance of pleasure poisons and a good attitude towards life. A conscious lifestyle increases your chances of staying healthy while you are aging.


Drink Enough

A lack of water damages the human body. Since water is not only an important part of the body’s cells, but also the main component of the blood, the blood can no longer flow properly if we drink too less. The whole body is poorly supplied, brain functions and the ability to concentrate decrease. Suitable thirst quenchers are water, natural fruit juices or herbal tea.

Healthy Lifestyle


Endurance workout is good for body and soul and the best way to get the body in shape .Exercise helps to strengthen the body’s defenses, reduces stress and prevent diseases, obesity and osteoporosis. Even brain functions in old age is influenced. Every kind of movement contributes to your well being: The recommended time is half an hour of light movement five to seven times a week. It is never too late to start exercising. Even those who only start in old age benefit almost immediately from the effects.

Lots Of Fresh Air And Light

Fresh air awakens the spirits and mobilizes the immune system. So go out into the fresh air every day – even in winter. Another good effect when we are outside: We get more light, which also improves our mood. In daylight, the serotonin is released, which brightens the mood.

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Stress and hectic rush drain your resilience; Disturbances in the balance between tension and relaxation can lead to serious physical illnesses. So at the latest when stress and agitation take over, it is time to shift down a gear.

Right Nutrition

Hardly anything is more important for maintaining good health than a healthy nutrition plan. A healthy diet is important:

  • at least five servings of fruit and vegetables a day, preferably raw, in all colors and types
  • Dairy products like cheese every day
  • Fish once or twice a week
  • lots of vegetable oils and carbohydrates

Healthy Relationships

Like it or not, everyone is part of a relationship. The success of relationships is an important matter for quality of life as well as physical health. Living and fulfilling relationships – these start with a healthy relationship with yourself and with life.


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