6 Signs He Is Interested In You

Does he like me? This is for sure the most asked question among women in the dating world. They talk about it with their friends, they read blogs about the signs to watch out for, they think every text, facial expression, everything in the hope of getting an unreachable answer. Does he interested in me?


Body Language Signs

He may not say anything with his words, but his body language will let you know his exact point of view. The biggest sign that he cares about you is that he is staring at you. That makes sense. Men are visual creatures. When you see something you like, you look at it and you can’t stop. Another thing to look out for is something called an eyebrow flash. Be careful though, as it is easy to miss this sign if you blink. So don’t let yourself down if you don’t notice right away. He will make eye contact and stare at your face when he talks to you. His eyes could jump from your eyes to your lips and back again.


Eye Contact

The eyes are the mirror of the soul. They are also an insight to learn how a guy feels for you. We talked about this a bit in the body language section, but it needs to be repeated and explored in more depth. If a guy likes you he’ll look at you. If you talk to him, he will most likely make eye contact. This is perhaps the most intimate thing you can do with someone without actually becoming intimate. If you want to try it, try to fix his gaze for four seconds. If he continues, then he’s interested. If he looks to the side and scans the room, then he’s probably not interested.

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He Treats You Differently

If a man likes you, you will get a different status in his life and he will treat you differently. He might be one of those guys who flirt with everyone, but he’ll flirt differently with you; he might be a bit protective of you. He could hold your hand when you walk down steep stairs, protect you with his body when you walk through a crowd, or just take care of yourself.

He Is Interested In Your Interests

You tell him that you have just been to a concert and he asks which band, how it was, what your favorite songs are, how long you have liked them. He wants to know everything. He shows intrigue and interest in the things that interest you. And he takes advantage of this to get to know you better. He could also go a little deeper and ask more questions. That’s another big sign that he likes you. When we like someone, we want to know everything about them.

His Friends Know Everything About You

If he likes you, he has most likely told his friends about you. He may not have come out and said – I like this woman, but he sure has told stories to them about you or something that happened when he was with you.

He Shows Up Where You Are

If you mentioned that you love to run on the weekend and suddenly he shows up, then chances are he is into you. If he happens to stop by the party you were both invited to and goes straight to your place, then he will likely be into you. If he follows you at the party and tries to talk with you, congratulations, he likes you.

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