Eye Catching Fireplace Decoration Ideas

Do you have an open fireplace or a fireplace decoration in the living room? Congratulations! On cold days, nothing brings more cosiness and a feeling of well being into your home than a crackling open fire. We’ll show you how your stove can become an eye catcher in your home all year round!


Designing The Fireplace – What To Look Out For

When the days are cold and uncomfortable, the fireplace decoration stove comes into use. Now logs are sufficient as decoration if the cozy fireplace is not already burning. You should keep your distance with candles and easily flammable materials. If your fireplace is only used for decoration, things look different: many different sized candles and lanterns ensure hygge in the deco fireplace. A fireplace is a great stage for creative arrangements and conjures up an elegant flair in the living room.

fireplace decoration

Variety and Cosiness For Your Home

Fireplaces bring a cozy feeling into the living room. You can always create new accents with this kind of decorations. Beautiful pictures on the mantelpiece, candlesticks arranged in groups on the stove or art objects over the fireplace are attractive eye catchers even outside the fireplace period. You can bring a touch of elegant country house flair and cosiness to every big apartment!

Trends For Every Season

Spring – As the days get warmer, spring flowers bring freshness to the fireplace. A bouquet of tulips and matching colored candles conjure up spring freshness on the fireplace.

Summer – If the fireplace stays cold in summer, you can use it as a storage space for plants and books. With maritime accessories at the fireplace, you can create beach flair at home.

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Autumn – When the days get shorter, it’s fireplace time again: Beautiful candles and lanterns, lush or filigree dry bouquets and wreaths provide cozy accents in autumn.

Winter – Pure fireplace time! Create the Advent and Christmas decoration over the fireplace. Decorated with fairy lights, fir wreaths and stars, the fireplace enchants every home into a cozy winter atmosphere.


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