Health Benefits Of Dark Chocolate Consumption

When it comes to chocolate, a clear distinction must be made between the various selection. Today it is produced as a mixture of cocoa mass, cocoa butter, milk powder and sugar. White chocolate does not require cocoa mass, but milk powder is not used in the production of dark chocolate. The regular consumed latter contains a cocoa content of at least 70%. These are the advantages of dark chocolate:


Sugar Content

In most cases, commercially available chocolate has a much lower sugar content than the other ones. The cocoa content stated on the packaging already provides the more cocoa, the less sugar. However, high-proof chocolate is also correspondingly bitter.

Lower Cholesterol

Snacking on a little chocolate for an improved cholesterol? In relation to dark chocolate, this was actually proven in a study. The reason for this is the cocoa butter, which is made up of unsaturated fats.

Dark Chocolate

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With a high cocoa content, chocolate is in a sense the better drink. In addition to a small amount of caffeine, the acting ingredient ensures that the snack can wake us up a little. Research has shown that people with fatigue can be helped by chocolate consumption.


A new sports study has recognized that dark chocolate could be used as a doping. Accordingly, the ingredients lead to a reduced oxygen uptake, which in turn increases endurance. A similar result is already known with red beets, which is why this is the diet of many athletes.

Risk Reducers

As various studies have shown, the consumption of dark chocolate can reduce the risk of various diseases. This should make it possible to reduce the diabetes, heart attacks and strokes, among other things.

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Digestive System

Fortunately, our digestive system can process dark chocolate very well. The products created during processing are good for the intestines. To do this, you should eat chocolate with at least 70% cocoa.

Mental Improvement

Another reason to eat dark chocolate is because it is good for your brain. One study found that chocolate improves blood flow to the brain. It was also shown that chocolate significantly increases memory in elderly people with mental impairments.


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