China’s Moon Mission Plan

China brings a piece of the moon to earth. The Chang’e 5  does much more, however: It underpins China’s work as a world power that still has a lot to do in space. The return of the Chinese lunar probe Chang’e-5 landed successfully on the evening of December 16.Soon after, the salvage crew gave them an inspection. Accordingly, the lunar is considered intact. With the return of the sample, China became the third country to ever succeed in transporting soil samples from the moon to earth. So far, only the USA and the former USSR had achieved this.

If you hoist a flag for the first time in a place, you mark your region. Those in charge of the Chinese lunar Chang’e 5 know this, which was set up on the moon two weeks ago – and is due to land back on earth this Wednesday evening with soil samples. So the planners have made sure that the same thing happens to them.

For this reason, the Chinese engineers spent a whole year working on a flag that would withstand the temperature changes of lunar day and night for a long time. With success: the flag unfolded on the lander as planned after the sample was taken on December 3, and now shows future generations that China made a step in 2020 to catch up with the big space.


China’s Flag On The Moon

The red flag also refers in small ways to what the Chinese intend on a large scale. With the mission, the country would like to demonstrate nothing less than its world status. At the same time, the country has cleared important hurdles on the way to a manned moon landing in 10 years.

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Along with the USA and Russia, China is an exclusive member of countries that have brought a piece of the moon to earth. So far, China only owned a tiny Apollo moon sample, which President Nixon brought back as a guest gift during a state visit in the 70’s. Chang’e 5 is not only important for Chinese astronomy. The element can possibly also answer important questions about the development of the moon.


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