An Atomic Bomb Could Prevent The Asteroid Impact

In the 2180’s, a space rock could hit the earth. Researchers are therefore already estimating conceivable defense projects for the Earth. According to a counterfeit, small asteroids can be blown up by an atomic bomb if a smash up with the earth threatens. In order to be able to prevent related events in the future that could destroy entire cities, the astronomy is looking for ways to change or destroy asteroids. Researchers in China, among others, recently published projects that a small asteroid with 20 launch vehicles could be thrown off course. NASA is also exploring opportunities in which an unmanned spacecraft should change the orbit of an asteroid. This will be tried out for the first time in the coming year as part of the Dart space mission.


Is It The Last Rescue?

If an asteroid is discovered only a few years before its effect on Earth, it is very likely too late to change its orbit. As a last rescue, an atom bomb could help in this case, with which the asteroid is blown up. A team led by scientists from the J. Hopkins University has now tested how practical this alternative is.

Atomic Bomb

Power Of About A Megaton

For its investigation, the research team tested various defense strategies based on a version of the threatens to fall to earth. According to calculations, the explosion could take place in 2180’s. It is not certain. According to estimations, the probability of an effect is 0.035 %.According to their publishing, the researchers carried out a chain of 3D counterfeit in which asteroids with a size of 30 m flew in five different directions around the earth. These interstellar intruders were then detonated with atomic bombs with a supreme eruptive capacity of one megaton.

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Successful Defense With Atomic Bombs

According to the results of the simulation, smaller meteors can really be repelled with atomic bombs. To do this, the detonation would have to take place at least two months before the planned date so that the meteor fragments do not strike the earth. In addition, there is a residual risk because a wrong reckoning of the required flammable force could result in large particles that would cause great damage on earth.


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