Worthwile Movies To Watch

As in the previous year, we will update the new movies throughout the year. We take on new starts, throw out titles if they didn’t convince us, or add films that surprised us. In this way, you will always be up to date on what is currently and soon not to be missed in the cinema. In 2021, new movies will be particularly important, because we anticipate that the release dates will still be postponed – and then we will also adjust the dates here accordingly. And of course you will learn something about the content of each movie and we will tell you why we are already looking forward to it. If we have already seen a movie, we will of course explain why the movies are particularly worthwhile.


The King’s Man

The Duke of Oxford finds in the young soldier Conrad a worthy candidate for the newly founded Kingsman. In the fight against the enemies of the country, numerous well known  characters from world history also play a role, for example the Russian Rasputin.

A Quite Place 2

After the earth was haunted by mysterious aliens who were lured by sounds, much of humanity fell victim to the cruel intruders. In the first film, the small family finds refuge in a sheltered place in the middle of the forest.



Eternals were created by the godlike Celestials and fight against the destructive Deviants.

In the Heights

Various members of a hispanic community in New York have life changing experiences over three hot summer days.

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Black Widow

We learn more about how Natasha Romanoff became the spy Black Widow and the victims involved – Scarlett Johansson’s Black Widow is one of the most interesting heroines of the Marvel, because you can feel that she has not yet come to terms with her past. Still, Black Widow was just one hero among many. Now the long overdue movies, which has a very interesting cast anyway, awaits us.


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