Best 1st Birthday Wishes For Baby Girl With Name

1st Birthday congratulations for the baby girl on the 1st birthday is an occasion to congratulate her warmly. In this blog ,”Happy 1st Birthday” you will find birthday sayings with which you can say “Happy Birthday” to the birthday child in a very original way.

The most perfect wishes are bestowed on the baby girl even before it is born, but in addition to all other appropriate congratulations and happy birthday wishes throughout childhood, the ones you receive for your first birthday are something very special. A newborn girl is a blessing for every mom and dad and the greatest gift that comes straight from heaven. And the little bundle of joy has made a lot of development in the last 12 months and for this reason the first child’s birthday is a special birthday where the whole family can celebrate and the little baby girl is the center of attention.

Although it most likely does not know what the whole thing is about and what is written on all the birthday wishes. For this reason, most birthday wishes are addressed to the parents, who read very carefully what good things their little darling is getting. But although the baby cannot accept the congratulations yet, it will be later when the birthday pictures are in the album. Looks at and opens the memory can understand very well what kind of good wishes were given to him on her first birthday. Happy birthday wishes are always a great chance to wish the child something from the bottom of your heart. Since the child is very young and probably doesn’t even understand what you’re saying, they’ll definitely see your facial expressions and can watch everyone else around them and see how they’re feeling.

Baby Girl

For this reason, it’s great when the congratulations are short sayings or funny sayings, and especially when they are read out and everyone can be happy and laugh about them. Short sayings for the 1st birthday:

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 “Mom and Dad have been waiting for you for so long and now you’ve been here for a whole year and you make everything so much nicer. Happy Birthday!

“It’s that time, your first birthday has come! Just 12 months in this world and ours is already turned upside down. All the best! 

You don’t like wine yet, but you love sweet porridge. Today you are just 1 and in a year already two! All the best!”

You should be able to grasp the respective spell and not need a separate explanation. Therefore, make it a little shorter for babies.

Here are some ideas for different and modern birthday wishes:

  • Love, happiness and sunshine shall always be your companions.
  • Good luck and many blessings in all your ways.
  • Happy Birthday. We look forward to another year with you.
  • From the bottom of our hearts we wish you the best on your birthday.
  • I wish you happiness, joy and health for the next year of life.
  • Stay as you are, because you are wonderful that way. We wish you all the best for the next year of your life.
  • We celebrate that you are with us and please never forget us.


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