Best LGBTQ+ Dating Apps

There are various dating apps like Lovoo where queer people can set a gay filter to help them find dates more easily. But websites that are aimed exclusively at LGTBQ+ are the perfect choice.

These Dating Apps Have Search Function

If you want to rely on other well known dating apps around the world, you can also use their filter tools. The more apps, the more likely the chance of a good match. It can therefore make sense if you don’t just rely on dating offers specifically for queer people. Other platforms like Lovoo, which cater to both straight and gay people, can also be a way to find a date here. To do this, you can select in your settings in the Lovoo under filter whether you are looking for women, men or both in your area. The same applies to the well-known dating app Tinder. Here you can initially indicate in your profile what your sexual interest is.

Best LGBTQ+ Dating Apps
Best LGBTQ+ Dating Apps

fabguys is ranked the 1st most trend site in the LGBTQ section in January 2023. The average time users spend on the platform is almost 15 minutes and they view an average of 20 pages per visit. Pages per visit is a trend engagement value calculated by dividing the complete number of website views by the complete number of visitors. The bounce rate for is over 20 %, which means that this percentage of visitors leave the website after viewing just one page.

thepinknews ranks on the second place on the list. In terms of user engagement, thepinknews has an average visit length of 3 minutes, an average number of pages per visit like that and a bounce rate of 55 %. Similarly, the average visit duration of others are a minute, the average number of pages per visit is almost 2, while the bounce rate is 80 %.

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Free Or Paid Sites – Which Is Better?

For many participants, the question of whether a LGBTQ dating site should charge a fee to ensure sufficient quality is crucial. In fact, the occurrence of normal costs is not a quality fact. Even a site that charges high fees may have little chance of success. On the other hand, free platforms are usually financed through advertising, which is why they can make an interesting offer available despite the fact that participation is free.


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