Features Of Elite Furnishing By Sygnard

Sygnard gives an aesthetic view of life that is expressed in a beautiful interpretation. Ever since it came into being in the popularity, the term has stood for the modern of the preciousness of the quality, the strength of the colors and the sensuality of the elite furnishing. The direction is considered an important way in the history of art decoration.


A work of art enriches a soul, just as a designer improves his life. Beauty and functionality combine with each other and this interaction creates products for everyday use – beautiful to look at and usable. Art and decoration have well combined and have developed into a common symbiosis. The works of art of the Sygnard designers of interior design: the designers gave everything a shape, practical use and aesthetic value for the customers.


All existing furniture can be divided into household furniture, prepared for everyday use, capable of withstanding loads and providing art pleasure. The middle ground between them will occupy the elite segment. In addition to possessing amazing details, it is categorized by increased strength materials, for which it was chosen by many owners of houses.


Elite products should be different from other variants presented in homes today. Inspired by originality and a thorough approach to decoration, furnishings are instantly recognizable and make an individual admire. Elite furnitures are able to create an ambience in any interior. The manufacturers who produce these furnitures today are representatives of the global design. Their products are elite, which is why they are becoming increasingly well known today.

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Individual Advice


In the great showrooms you will receive the perfect advice from the experienced staff. They will advise you about their wide range of global elite furnishing manufacturers. Sygnard would also be happy to arrange appointments with you outside of opening hours, or at your home.


All From One Source


To complete the new facility, the brand also offer curtains, wallpaper, lighting, carpets and accessories from global manufacturers. They carry a large selection of upholstery materials that you can choose individually for your new and old furniture.


Additional Services


Delivery and experienced assembly is also part of the offer. The brand will arrange an appointment that suits you and, if necessary, dispose of your old furniture. The in-house carpenter is available for detailed construction work. They will be happy to help you find qualified craftsmen such as wallpaperers and floor layers.


High-Quality Materials


Elite furnishing with the highest quality is made from selected woods such as beech, rosewood, walnut, alder, ebony and other wooden elements. All products are available in various shades, colors and surface deco. There is also a large selection of high-quality upholstery and leather for the upholstered elite furnishing. Art reliefs, inlays, patinated surfaces and shaded surfaces give the furniture at https://sygnard.com/furniture/a unique, great appearance. Selected furniture of the top materials are made of fine ebony and are covered with parchment. Additional elements are polished with nickel.


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