The Pandemic Requires New Hobbies At Home

How long the corona measures will still apply cannot currently be estimated. Either way, we will have to be prepared for a longer lockdown. Hardly anyone is used to sitting at home for days and weeks, and especially on weekends. Preferably alone so that you just can’t catch anything. Here are the types of hobbies to try during coronavirus;


New Situation Requires New Hobbies

Many activities are currently falling flat, so that new hobbies will have to be found during the crisis.

Upcycling and Crafts

You can always beautify something at home. Give your old furniture a fresh coat of paint, wallpaper the walls or cover the pillows – you can create a cozy living room with simple upcycling. You will eventually need them in the near future. You can now also work on your asleep handicraft talents. There are many explanatory videos for sewing, knitting, embroidery and crocheting on social media.

Cook and Bake

Now it really turns up about the best dishes! During the Corona curfew you have enough time to think outside the box, try new recipes and experiment with preservation and ingredients.



Concern about the effects of the pandemic stresses us all. To relax, a yoga session can work wonders. Meditation can also become a new hobby and luckily it works indoors too.Balancing your mind and body is always a good opinion, and not just during lockdown. If yoga is too boring for you, you can try a workout at home. For indoor training you usually don’t need more than your own body weight.

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Photo Editing

Great photos on the PC, but you really don’t know what to do with them? A nice thing to pass the time at home is editing the photos on a PC or smartphone. There are  good editing apps on the internet, which are also free of charge. You can also find some good editing apps in the phone’s store.

Garden Care

Anyone who has a large garden has a clear chance with this new hobby. But you can also take care of your garden wonderfully on the balcony. In addition to flowers and plants, you can also try your hand at growing fruits and vegetabless.


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