Most Reliable Cars In 2022

How reliable are our cars in everyday use? The long-term test gets to the bottom of this question. The vehicles cover 100,000 km within a period of one to three years. Every breakdown, every defect is noted by the drivers and is included in the rating at the end. Likewise, the state in which the vehicle is after reaching the 100,000 km. In order to assess this, the car is dismantled at the end of the test and checked by experts. In the long-term test, vehicles of every segment including engine and innovation are put through their paces. In order to determine which cars can be recognized as the greatest and most reliable cars, not only trips in city traffic and the highway are on the checklist. Trailer is also being tested. Should breakdowns occur or repairs be necessary, these will be noted.

After driving up to 100,000 km, the car is then dismantled by the experts. All parts are subject to an assessment so that in the end it can be determined which vehicles can be recognized as the most reliable cars.

Reliable Cars

In the current long-term ranking, the Audi A3 g-tron took the lead. The gas-powered model completed the 100,000 km without a single failure or damage and received a + rating from industry experts. Second place went to the Seat Ateca 1.4 Eco. The only drawback here was the reduced comfort of the driver on long journeys, but the car is top-notch in terms of reliability. The Ateca 1.4 is followed by the VW Tiguan 2.0 TSI, which only owes its two faults to an comfort with the shift gearbox. To answer the question “Which car is reliable?”, you can also consult the carried out by the statistics companies. This is an even more detailed investigation than the endurance test.

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In order to find out which cars are considered the most reliable cars in their segment, various checks are compared with one another and their results are merged. In addition to the long-term test already mentioned, tests were also taken into account. Furthermore, customer satisfaction is an important evaluation factor. During this test, it is often noticeable that the most reliable cars come mainly from Japan and Germany. With the German models, it should be noted that these are mainly high-priced vehicles.


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