Signs He Wants To Marry You

You have been a couple for some time now, go through ups and downs together and you are sure: he is the man for life! Have you ever thought about getting marry? And your lover?

Signs He Wants To Marry You
Signs He Wants To Marry You


He Loves Weddings

He likes going to your friend’s weddings with you and always tends to get a bit emotional. At least once you’ve caught him giving you a loving sideways glance when the couple swore their love.

There’s A Romantic Guy In Him

He would never admit it, but he’s more of the romantic character, sometimes gives flowers, sometimes just thinks up little romantic gestures in between – a good sign, after all, a wedding is pretty much the most romantic thing you can imagine.

He Takes The Relationship Seriously

No more secret meetings, no more insecurities, but he stands by you, by your love and he also does a lot to ensure that you and your relationship work.

The Parent Question

Does he know your parents or is he dying to meet them? Maybe he’s even suggested that parents and in-laws get to know each other? Good sign!

He Is Not Afraid Of Change

Men who are already afraid of buying a couch together are also more likely to shy away from such a big and decisive step. Doesn’t he have a problem with that? Then everything is fine!

He Plans Trips Far Away

The big long-distance trip in two years or just the cozy cottage next holiday – it is clear to him that you will spend the next few years together.

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He Talks About The Future

One of the sure signs that a man has big plans for you and wants to marry you is the fact that he includes you in his future plans and sees you in his future. He doesn’t necessarily have to talk to you open about the wedding, but he will indicate that he plans to stay with you for a long time.

He Remembers The Little Things

If a man hopes that one day you will become his wife, he will want to get to know you. That means this guy is watching out for you and everything you have to say. That is why he will never forget your birthday or anniversary or any other date or other thing that you consider relevant.


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