Easy Trippy Painting Ideas

You have many thoughts and want to put them on paper. We need to express our emotions through drawing, especially when it comes to trippy paintings.

Sometimes we need to express our emotions through drawing, especially when it comes to sadness. We have prepared some trippy pictures for you to sketch. You can post your finished drawing on Instagram so your friends can understand your mood and possibly support you and improve your mood. Trippy is necessary from time to time, so dive into the world of sweet sadness. By the end of this selection of paintings, you will master several new skills:

-You can draw emotions

-You can draw trippy pictures

-You can recognize emotions in your counterpart

-And all of this is backed by science. Let’s draw feelings

Easy Trippy Painting Ideas
Easy Trippy Painting Ideas


Lower The Uppers

Lowered upper eyelids. You can indicate lowered upper eyelids with lying D’s. How to draw sad eyes depending on your taste, with or without eyelashes. Actually, ladies always get eyelashes from us. But so that they are not distracting, we left them out in the example.

Look Down

Looking down is a feeling that draws thoughts inward. This is why sad people often look down. In the painting, looking down is often linked to the inner dialogue. That means we discuss something internally with ourselves. This is how easy it is for you to make trippy drawings!

Corner Of The Mouth Down

Droop the corners of your mouth drop the corners of your mouth. To do this, indicate an upside-down U. And already the face has the 4 important characteristics of a sad face. You can embellish it a little more.

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