How To Understand If A Child İs Obese?

The main causes of obesity in children are mostly the same as in adults – poor diet and lack of exercise. Genetics can also play a role.


Incorrect Nutrition and Frequent Snacks Between Meals

Ready-made products such as french fries, sweetened breakfast cereals, soft drinks, sweet teas, snacks, sweets- the favorite dishes of many adolescents contain a lot of fat and sugar. In the long run, the fat pads grow as a result.


Sedentary Lifestyle

Instead of in the garden and on the playground, more and more children and young people are spending their free time in front of the PC. Frequently canceled school exercise also contributes to the fact that adolescents sit more instead of moving.



So far, no obesity gene has been found, there may be a multitude of factors that make obesity easier under certain conditions.

However, the corresponding predisposition only comes into play when there is a lack of exercise and an improper diet.

Being overweight and obese can cause risks for those affected in a number of ways: visit

Overweight and obese children tire more quickly and are less resilient, for example when doing exercises.

Obese children can experience pauses in breathing during sleep, which last for several seconds and briefly reduce the oxygen content in the blood.

The child does not notice it, but often has to struggle with the consequences during the day – fatigue, headaches, concentrating and irritability.

The excess weight weighs heavily on the developing skeletal, spine and joints. This can cause lower back pain, knee and foot problems.

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