How To Cancel An Order On Aliexpress

The ordering procedure and completion of the purchase on the trading platform AliExpress is as easy as making any accusations or canceling orders. The company has provided numerous explanations on their page, which are described in an easy and understandable way. In order to cancel an order on AliExpress, customers have to wait about 1 day. Then the order cancel button appears in the customer profile under the order, which immediately executes the cancellation after the pop. Optionally, there is also the variant of not paying for the order that has been placed. Normally, orders do not have to be paid for online immediately; the payment procedure can be repeated within 1 week of the order date. The order will be deleted after the deadline.

Make A Complaint

If you have a complaint about an item or the entire order, you can first connect to the retailer via the network and work with them to find a solution. If there is no agreement, there is a dispute button in the customer base for the personal order, which includes the AliExpress employees in the case after the click. The retailer must now clarify the case and ensure customer satisfaction. In the event of a complaint, the customer will get his money back from the platform, provided that he submits a complaint on time. This is important so that the company is informed about the accusation. Click the request order cancellation button and in the window that appears, choose why you want to cancel your purchase. The reasons for canceling the order are already prepared in the drop-down section. If you ordered the wrong item, select I ordered the wrong item. If you paid for two same goods, I placed a duplicate order. Not available from seller – The supplier said the requested items are out of stock.

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Click The Submit Button

After selecting the reason for the cancellation, click to the submit button. You will then be asked to file an accusation with the seller. If you decide to cancel the order yourself, click the no button. When filing a complaint, the company reviews the supplier and if necessary, determines the appropriate penalty for him. Wait for the seller to confirm your cancellation of the order. If the supplier does not take any steps, the order will be canceled after 2 weeks. After that, the money will be returned to the profile from which you paid for the goods.


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