Gothic 3 Cheats Codes

The fancy playing game Gothic 3 for the PC is now almost 10 years old, but it is still an achievement in PC game history that is worth catching up on. With tons of Gothic 3 cheats for items, gold and more gimmicks, we have just the right help for your nostalgic fantasy experience with Gothic 3!The appropriate cheats will help you. Many gaming lovers have found a virtual home here for some time. They were offered help with the games and we talked to each other on many different cheat codes. In this game recommendation we have summarized some of the most important cheat codes for Gothic 3.


Requirements For Cheats

With the help of the following cheats you can combine lots of beasts on the screen in no time at all. So that you can use cheats in Gothic 3, you have to complete an important requirement: unlock the check mode called Marvin. This can be done both in-game and out of game. That’s how it’s done:

Unlock The Cheat Mode In Game

  1. Start the game
  2. Type the word marvin anywhere during gameplay
  3. A red verification will appear in the middle of the screen that the mode has been opened
  4. Caution! The word must be typed fast enough for the mode to open

Type the word marvin on your keyboard in game. Don’t take too long typing to get verification that Marvin has been operated. If you want to deactivate it, you have to write marvin again. Search in the folder in which you installed Gothic 3 for the folder and there the document ge3.ini. Open the document in the editor and look for the line mode=false. Replace false with true and save the file. It is only there so that you have a backup copy in case you have overdone it with changing values in the ge3.ini and nothing works anymore. Then the backup can be renamed accordingly and the game does not have to be reinstalled.

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Gothic 3

Trainer Programs

Trainers are small programs that are started during a game. They aggregate it with cheat opportunities, which are usually triggered with a key like F2. Some trainers have an interface where values such as gold are entered, which then immediately influence the game. Trainers immediately intervene in the cheat of the game. As a result, they have two disadvantages.

  • They usually only work with a special type; another language or an update often causes the trainer not to work. In the worst case, the game can crash.

-Trainers are like a trojan that spies on other plans of action. Therefore, scanners often hit when trainers are downloaded or run.

Some Other Cheat Codes

To replenish your life energy, enter the full health cheat. Thanks to the cheat link – IDKFA you will get 100 each of weapons, armor, potions, spells and much more. Spawn SH – makes the commander appear and goto – jumps immediately to it. The art of thieving can be easily increased with teach THF 999.


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