5 Pool Maintenance Tips

Nobody wants to lie by a pool that is not very inviting for swimming. In order to maintain clean water, meet hygienic conditions and prevent damage to the pool, it requires adequate maintenance. That is why we have put together five tips for pool maintenance.


Check Water Values

Checking chemical levels is one of the most important things of pool maintenance. Imbalanced water looks cloudy, is irritating to the skin and eyes, and can cause a pool to become a breeding ground fo micropes. The water should be tested at least once a week. There are aspects that need to be taken into account: Free chlorine and cyanuric acid for example.

Add Flocculant

If the same water is used over a long time, several concentrations can increase. Iron and copper become an issue and cause brown stains in the pool. To avoid this, a flocculant should be used. This filters out all dirt particles so that they can easily be removed from the pool with a vacuum. For this purpose, the flocculant is added to the skimmer. Filtration distributes them and lets do its job. The product has the added benefit of providing clear water.

Pool Maintenance

Remove Dirt Particles

Leaves affect water quality as they absorb a large part of the chlorine. Therefore, they should be eliminated at standard intervals. This can be done with a net. This should also be emptied regularly. Other dirt particles can easily be removed with vacuums. In addition to manual vacuums, there are also mechanical options that carry out the very labor-intensive pool cleaning independently. A large amount of dirt also accumulates on and in the cover.

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Backwash Filter

Backwashing the filter is a must requirement for the maintenance of the pool. Ultimately, the filter can become completely clogged without backwashing. Under rare conditions, this can even damage the filter. This is why backwashing is necessary once a week to remove dirt particles and to avoid an increase in pressure inside the filter.

Clean The Edge Of The Pool

Cleaning the edge of the pool is often neglected as it is a time-consuming task. However, this must be carried out at intervals. This is the only way to avoid stubborn deposits. The longer cleaning is postponed, the more difficult it will be to remove the limescale.


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