3 Exciting Books That You Should Read This Year

From a literary point of view, 2020 will be a good year if you take a look at the recently published and the pending new releases. From great debut novels to non-fiction exciting books about the challenges of our time to instructive novels, pretty much everything is represented. We have exciting books for you that you should definitely read this year.


Paulina Czienskowski: Taubenleben

The German author and freelance journalist is now presenting her first debut novel after her volume of short stories. In ”Taubenleben”’ she tells the story of the young woman Lois, whose life is shaken after a one night stand. While she is waiting for the result of a blood test, everything suddenly changes. For the first time in her life she questions her own biography, quarrels with her past and begins to doubt. The protagonist experiences and the intense of loneliness at the same time. Lois searches for love and meaning while she wants to find her own way of life on the cusp of growing up.

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Alina Bronsky: My Grandmother’s Braid

This novel was published last year, but in 2020 it is still highly recommended. The story is about a Russian family, their grandparents and their grandson Max, who came to Germany as refugees in the 1990s. When she arrives at a refugee home, her grandmother turns into a real tyrant. She is brutal, always complains and soon robs everyone of the last nerve. She doesn’t think much of her grandson Max either, she insults him incessantly. But all of this doesn’t seem to upset Max. On the contrary, he even seems to have a lot of understanding for his grandmother’s bad feelings. A story full of comedy, but also about deep loneliness and being a stranger in another country.

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Doris Dörrie: Living, Writing, Breathing

The author Doris Dörrie has now written an entire book about how much writing can help us experience, process and see. “Living. Writing. Breathing” is not only a plea to be more aware of your own life, but also as an unique guide to understanding how autobiographical writing can succeed and how each of us can help. Dörrie is of the opinion that everyone can learn to write and that writing can have a great feeling. Even if you haven’t even finished reading the book, you want to pull out pen and paper and get started right away.


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