Inspirational Updo Hairstyles For Your Wedding

Brides want an Updo hairstyles for their wedding in most cases. But which hairstyles are suitable for the big day? The popularity of wedding updos is certainly due to the fact that you can not adapt any other style of hairstyle so flexibly to your individual ideas. Whether you want to celebrate a vintage, boho, classic or modern wedding, you can match your hairstyle perfectly. Find out if an updo is the right choice for you and what else you should consider. When your decision is made, you will discover the most beautiful inspirations for an updo suited to your wedding style.

updo hairstyles


Glamorous Bride Updo Hairstyles With Hair Accessories

Updo hairstyles need maximum volume and delicate braiding elements: Make-up and hair stylists bring every bride to shine with this enchanting hairstyles.

Classic Updo Hairstyles

Use a hair straightener, twist the hair, then attach a hairline cushion to the side of the neck and join the hair into a voluminous knot. For the loose effect pull out single strands. For more volume backup the back of the head and braid the side generously. Tip: For short hair, a color coordinated hair piece can be incorporated.

Low Updo Hairstyles

Make a deep knot and take the top hair back separately. With the help of hair spray and hairpins, tease individual elevations in the hair and wrap them around the knot.

Deep Bun

Tie the hair back to a ponytail, place a knot pad over it, and polish the ends of the ponytail over. Then take the hair from the front and cross over to the back.

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For Long Hair

Updo hairstyles – For voluminous hairstyles like these you need a lot of hair, which is best lured. Of course you can also help with extensions. Extra tip: Wash the hair the day before the wedding. Then it gets more handy.

For Short Hair

Updo hairstyles, such as a pixie cut, can not really be put up, but at least they can be decorated with accessories or decorated with small braiding details.


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