Which Type Of Beard Suits You The Best?

If you landed on this blog, you have been asking yourself how often you should shave. Or, you are curious to see how often other men shave. Of course, we cannot answer these questions directly. There is just no one size that fits the answer. Ultimately, the decisive opinion is whether you have to shave for your job and how your skin reacts to the shave. The question of what you like for yourself is also not unimportant. Do you like yourself clean shaven, with type of beard or with a grown beard?


The Daily Shave

If you work at an office or serve as a role model at work, it is not unlikely that you will have to shave every day. Of course, this only works if your skin can handle it. If you constantly walk around with a reddened face and neck area, it looks worse than a well groomed three day beard. In such cases, we also recommend dry shaving with a automatic razor, as this is much more gentle on the skin than a wet razor. Don’t you have to shave every day for work? Then it just depends on what you prefer. Do you like it smooth? Then shave daily. Otherwise: just let the beard grow.

type of beard

The Three Day Beard

If you generally take care of cleaning the contours, it usually looks very well groomed. But even without this cleaning you can walk around with it without attracting attention. The three day type of beard is also loved among women. Nobody in the world will get upset unless you are currently working in the armed forces. By the way, you don’t have to completely shave off the three day beard every few days. Instead, you can get a hair clipper that you are sure to know from the hairdresser. With this, a three day beard can be trimmed to 3 mm, for example, within a few seconds.

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The Grown Beard

You are not obliged to groom your beard and your wife has nothing against a scratchy full beard? You don’t want to shave so often and feel like a grown beard? Then just let it grow. However, even with a grown beard, you should make sure that it doesn’t look unkempt. Use beard grooming tools, trim the beard sometimes, and don’t let it grow unchecked. Ultimately, the choice of beard always depends on the following questions:

What are you up for? How strict is your employer? What does your wife or girlfriend say about it? You alone decide how often you shave. The employer and your girlfriend or wife may have a certain say, but you can always verbally turn your look so that you get your way. Just be persistent and don’t buckle right away. Nowadays there should really be no one who can forbid you to have a three day beard or a grown beard.


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