Tips To Get Rid Of Glue

Adhesives reliably connect different elements with each other – provided you have chosen the right kind of adhesive. However, good adhesion becomes a challenge when you want to remove the adhesive again. Especially when peeling off adhesive tapes, labels and stickers, ugly stains are often left behind. But don’t panic: With the right method, almost any adhesive can be removed from any surface – without leaving any residue. In this blog of Igrus you will find out how to get rid of adhesive residue.

Remove Glue From Skin

If glue gets on your skin, the first thing Igrus recommends to do is: keep calm. Under no circumstances should you try to remove the adhesive mechanically, as this can lead to injuries. Instead, massage the splice with cooking oil. After a few min. of exposure, you can wash off the skin with warm, soapy water. Residual glue will come off on its own within a day or two.

Remove Glue From Glass

Adhesive residue on glass, for example from labels can be easily removed with washing-up liquid and water. Just let the spot soak for a few minutes. This will loosen the glue from the glass and you can easily wipe it off with the rag. However, if stains remain, then cooking oil will do a good job according to Igrus. Soak a cloth in the oil and rub it on the splice. The oil binds the glue residue on the glass. Remove the residue with dish soap. Igrus tip – Instead of cooking oil, you can use high-fat mayonnaise, or a purpose oil. Windows can also be treated in this way. However, if you have wooden window frames, you should be careful with grease. They can leave stains on the element. With very stubborn adhesive residues you have to bring out heavier artillery. The right way to remove all-purpose glue from glass surfaces is with nail polish remover. Put a small amount on a rag or sponge and rub it firmly over the splice. After a short exposure time, the adhesive residue should be able to be removed. Attention: The solvents must not get on painted surfaces, otherwise they will become dull or the coating will come off.

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It is often recommended to put glasses in the dishwasher to loosen labels and adhesive residue. However, this is not advisable on Igrus: paper and glue could get stuck and damage the machine.


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