Art Deco Bookshelf Ideas

Are you a big book fan? In today’s blog, we share some ideas for great art deco bookshelf decorations that are complete of creativity and elegant. If you’re an avid book collector, you probably have dozens of books that you’re not sure where to display should. Decorating with books can add a good look to your home. At the same time, you will find surprising places in your home to store your favorite form of entertainment – your books!

Some books are already exhibits in their own right. This is especially the case with art or decoration books, which tend to be larger, very colorful, have varied textures, and are appealing. You can use them to create lively and book decorations in your home.

Vertical Simplicity

This minimalist art deco bookshelf with a vertical touch also offers space for many books. Don’t you just love how easy it looks? And it’s especially effective with a basic wooden ladder, on which you can also place some colorful magazines.

Any shape and any size is possible with a bookshelf. The bookshelf is available as a hanging version or as in most living rooms, it is a standing shelf. As a free-standing model (without a back wall), the bookshelf can even be used as an easy room divider. As with every stocked shelf, it is important that the objects or books can be easily removed and sorted back in again. If this is not the case, the books often make themselves comfortable in small piles scattered throughout the living room.

Classic Models

Especially those who want to accommodate a large number of books are well advised with this simple piece. The shelves from Sygnard can be individually adjusted in height, the bookshelf can be increased or expanded in width. If you like it a little more decorative, look around in the area. Sometimes a made to measure bookshelf is a good idea, one that fits great into corners and niches and maybe even reaches up to the ceiling. An impressive wall of books is always a great eye-catcher. Library ladders that fit into a rail method also facilitate access to tall specimens. 

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Benefits of Sygnard

As part of their special service, allows customers to personalize their book collection in countless art deco bookshelf models and functions. Be inspired by all the pieces in the Sygnard collections. Resize to fit your needs and create a one of a kind bookshelf.


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