Best Energy Efficient Air Conditioners

Which air conditioners are least harmful to the environment and as effective and inexpensive as possible? You can find out here which air conditioning units performed good in the test. In no case should you buy the cheapest small air conditioner immediately! Some of these devices are almost ineffective in spite of the proud cooling – namely when the device emits too much of the inevitable waste heat in the room itself instead of outside. Some immediate measures without great effort:


Good Sun Protection, Used Consistently

Good sun protection must be placed on the outside of the glass, otherwise too much heat will penetrate the room. It should also be light or even mirrored so that it does not heat up too much and then radiate warmth inwards. After all, the sun protection should have adjustable slats or slits so that enough light can pass through that the lighting does not have to be switched on

The Cooling Draft

A feeling of cooler can be created by air movement: ceiling, room and table fans lower the perceived degrees, especially if you are already sweating – you can even chill! For a few days of exceptional situations per year, such fans are quite useful, relatively cheap and energy-saving.

Suntec Wellness Impuls 2.0+

If you want to cool off in the hot summer without spending a fortune on a large and heavy air conditioning unit, the Wellness Impulse 2.0+ is an affordable device for your home. You can bring rooms with approx. 25 m2 to a great temperature with this air conditioner.

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The Wellness Impulse 2.0+ can not only cool. With the fan function, you get a breeze when it is not very hot. It can also be used as a dehumidifier, e.g. to improve the air climate when drying clothes. It is also the only test device that offers a cable rewind.

Air Conditioners

Comfee MSAF5-09HRDN8-QE R32

Searing heat and bad air: residents of an attic building can sing a song about it, especially in summer. With a split air conditioner, everything will be different this summer! The Comfee MSAF5-09HRDN8-QE R32 lets you sleep restfully even on hot nights and also has many other advantages:

Permanently installed: The Comfee is permanently integrated into your home. Here you may have to invest some money in the installation, but with a little manual skill you can do this yourself thanks to the Quick Connector. After installation, you benefit from a lower volume compared to other air conditioners.

Comfee has moved with the times when it comes to operation. In addition to a remoter, you can also control the air conditioning with the app from your smartphone and set a temperature for your house while you are out.

Better air: a new split system can not only cool and heat. The air circulation also ensure better air. The dehumidification also offers great added value, especially if you dry your laundry in your home.


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