How To Tell What Motherboard I Have

The motherboard, as the name suggests, is the connector that gets all hardware in the PC. It distributes the power to where it belongs and complains when something doesn’t work. Reasons why you want to or should find out your motherboard;

  • You want to upgrade your system
    You need to update your drivers
    You are considering overclocking

The first point is probably the most important. If you intend to replace individual hardware in the PC, you will first have to see whether the new hardware fits on your mainboard at all. Not every RAM for example, fits on every motherboard. To find out whether your new hardware is compatible with your motherboard, you will first have to find out which mainboard is installed in your PC. And since it is possible that you have already disposed of your product information sheet, your invoice or the packaging, this could be a little more difficult.


Quick Ways Explained

Which motherboard do I have anyway? Whether you need to update your drivers, hardware compatibility, or are just curious. It’s much easier to check the number of your motherboard using the following tricks than it is to laboriously unscrew your case. That is why today we are going to explain a few selected ways how you can find out the product of your mainboard without having to unscrew your case.


Read Out System Data

A tool is also preinstalled on Windows 10 from the start. To access the system data, right click on the Windows logo in the tray and select “Run”. Enter Open and press “OK”. A window named “System Information” should now open.

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Check The Motherboard Manually

If none of the above ways really work for you, then you have no choice but to open your case. If there is no other way, then follow these tips:

  • Turn off your PC and turn the power switch on the back of your case.
  • Unplug all USB cables, your supply unit, Ethernet cables or other power cables OFF.
  • Very important: Before you touch anything inside the PC – ground yourself! The good thing to do is to touch a heater close by. This prevents you from discharging electricity if you accidentally touch the motherboard or other delicate component.

The thing to do is to lay your PC sideways on a table and open the case. Find the model number or name on your mainboard. This is usually printed on the motherboard on a sticker, but can be placed in several places. Usually the model number or the name is printed in the largest text on your mainboard. Motherboard numbers are usually a mixture of numbers and letters. On most mainboards, however, you can see the manufacturer and the name. If you only see the model number, you also have to ask Google.


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