How Can You Hide Posts From People On Instagram

Here’s how you can hide your Instagram posts from selected people. Go to your profile in the application. Open the menu and go to settings. Select the item “Hide story from”.

If you have already posted a few pictures on Instagram, sooner or later the question often arises, how can I hide individual pictures from my feed without having to delete them? Can you also hide individual posts from friends or other people on the platform and show them to others?


Hide Instagram Images

If you want to hide individual photos on the application without having to delete them immediately, the easiest way is to use the archive tool. With a few easy steps you can archive an image and thus hide it in the feed. The picture is then no longer visible to any of your followers, but has not been deleted and can be restored from the platform at any time.


Open Instagram and The Photo You Would Like To Hide

Tap on the three dots in the top right and select the “Archive” from the section. The photo will now disappear from your feed and will be moved to the archive, which you can access with your profile.

Hide Instagram Photos From Friends?

Unfortunately, Instagram currently does not allow you to hide your posts in the way of photos and tutorials from friends or other people. The only way to set the visibility of your posts is to make your profile private. With a private account, the uploaded posts are no longer visible to all users, but only to the people who are currently following you. If a non-follower wants to access your feed, they must first follow you and accept their request. Unlike the story, where you can set certain people not to be able to see the content, you cannot hide regular Instagram pictures from certain people.

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Hide Instagram Pictures From Certain People?

Can you also have a profile on Instagram and only hide a few pictures from certain people? Unfortunately, what is possible with the story is not possible with regular pictures. While you can set the story so that certain people should not see the story, this is not possible with pictures in the feed. The only option would be to block the follower. In this case, the follower can no longer access the profile and see the posts. 


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