How To Make It Always Day Or Night In Minecraft

In Minecraft, a day has 10 min. and a night has 7 min. – unless you take control of the day-night routine yourself. You can turn off the time of day using the player commands for example. The following instructions will show you how to do this.


Change The Time Of Day In Minecraft

The player commands tool can be downloaded from the websites. To always be able to use the latest option, you should stick to the Minecraft gathering. Updates are all the time announced there and methods and cheats are presented.

After downloading the reduction, the installation follows. This requires WinRAR or an unpacking platform. Here too, the download from the online sites will help you if you do not yet have WinRAR installed on your PC. Once you have the platform set up, you can extract the player commands files from the records you downloaded earlier. Next, open the Minecraft game folder. Unlike many scheme, you will find this in the roaming section. Roaming is accessed with the “Run” solace found in the start category under Windows XP or with the search section also located in the start category under Vista. Regardless of the Windows sort, enter there the link and confirm the command with the enter key.

Control Of Day and Night Mod

Now you can start a world in Minecraft. In one player, press T to open the chat to enter commands. An example of this would be “ascend” which causes your on-screen persona to ascend to the next network above you. The command to turn off day and night in the game is “/time day” to set play time to day and “/time night” to play at night. Please note that the time of day is not set permanently, but continues to run regularly and must therefore be changed again and again if necessary.

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Enable Cheats

Players must ensure they are in a world where cheats are enabled. If cheats are not enabled, this command will not work. This command is very easy to use. This takes a look at how Minecraft players can use it.

Open The Chat Window

Players must now open the game chat window to prepare to enter the command. This happens differently depending on which network the player is using. To open the chat window on different devices:

On computer, the player should press T to open the chat window.
Pocket players should press the chat button at the top of the screen.

Entering The Command

More experienced players can also set the exact time using marks or days. Players can use the normal time set order as shown above and write a number followed cheats. Once all of this has been entered, players should execute the order by sending the chat text. This will immediately change the time of day according to the player’s input. If the time doesn’t change, it’s probably because the cheats weren’t used correctly or something was mistyped.


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