Is It A Sin To Cut Your Hair Short

Are you unsure whether to cut your hair? We can’t give you a clear answer to this question at first glance, but we have some explanations for you to help you decide! And as for the hair that we still kept, of course you can find different reasons for that. The hair on our heads, of course, still keeps us warm in winter – after all, we don’t cover our heads like we do with the rest of our bodies – while in summer they protect us from the sun’s rays, which of course come from above in the case of our hair. Then we have hair in places where skin would otherwise constantly rub against skin. We still have hair almost all over our bodies – it’s just that most of it is very thin and short. Short or long is it a sin? – that’s the main question that has occupied us all at some point. And does it again and again. Because at some intervals we feel the desire for change. Then it’s time again: apply scissors or not? It doesn’t have to be as short as a rasp. Even a few cm make a big difference.

Short hair draws the focus to the eyes, many like that – that’s why we love accentuating them with makeup. A bright lipstick as a equivalent also actually makes the eyes shine. Such a cut mercilessly shows everything on the face: every crease, every bad mood and severity, every flash from your eyes, but also every laugh, every beautiful thought and every happy look in the eyes. For many, the short hair is therefore a statement of standing up for yourself and a symbol of clarity.

Hairstyle and Face Shape Must Suit

If they don’t, contours look unflattering, round faces even textured or a large chin even more presiding. We have put together a special to help you find the right hairstyle.


How Much Time Do You Have In The Morning?

There are haircuts that are labor thorough. A pony for example, has to be shaped in the morning – at least with certain hair structures, with a round brush or straightening. A short haircut does not necessarily mean that you can finish it faster. Long hair can be done in a minute with an overnight model, a short one may take half an hour. Check the styling time before cutting!

Hair Structure and The Model Must Be Consistent

Fine, straight hair should not reach over your shoulders – otherwise the danger threatens. Even if you’ve always dreamed of dreamily long hair. A bit of realism is needed when choosing hair length!

The Right Hairdresser

This point is one of the most important. Because even if we are unsure about the hairstyle question, it can save us from great stupidity. Talking to friends about it also helps – as it is well known, the gap between how you perceive yourself and how others perceive you can be large.


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