How Technology Helps To Deal With The Pandemic?

Companies must be resilient and flexible. A large part of future business success depends on how quickly a company can use technologies that enable its employees to work better.


Rely On The Cloud

In order to adapt to the pandemic period, almost a third of companies will increase their investments in cloud, security and mobility. Companies should pursue methods that are based on integrated solutions and focus on the cloud and networks. CIOs who focus on the employee experience help their companies attract, develop and retain the talent that can give them a competitive advantage.


Home Office Will Establish Itself In The Long Term

Experts highlight the importance of adapting to the new work environment and predict that more than a third of US workers will continue to work full time in next year. A survey has come to similar results. Half of all managers and executives believe that teleworking will continue. This is why it becomes important to comply with legislation when teleworking is flourishing.

Banks Vulnerable To More Data Breaches

The pandemic is a gift for hackers. Cyber experts predict that banks will be particularly hard hit if they violate data leak laws. In particular, non compliance could put millions of accounts at danger. In order to fight fraud better, banks are also encouraged to use more machine learning solutions.

Intelligence Is Regulated

It appears that the European Union has received over a thousand communications from citizens who believe that the current framework is not adapted to the growth of AI. The experts therefore expect the European Union to prepare a draft regulation to regulate security issues related to AI. They also mention the importance of being able to develop AI work.

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Technological Lead Pays Off

A big advantage of the west countries, is that 92 percent of the population has access to the internet. This high level of connectivity enables public announcements that are distributed with messaging applications such to reach a large percentage of the population in a very short time.


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