Where Is The Technological Journey Headed In The Coming Years?

The researchers prospects give hope for a development in many areas. From technological developments to new health advances and solutions for the big issues of the planet, everything is included in your answers. It is also clear that innovation will play an ever greater role in a wide variety of areas of life. An important task for companies is to decide which kind of technologies can deal with innovation. It is also important to consider and evaluate the technologies in a business field.



When people have easy access to business expertise, it is called the democratization of innovation. This also means that expensive and time consuming training is no longer required. Democratization focuses on some key areas: data and networks, application development  and knowledge. IT experts gain access to tools and networks that enable them to perform tasks beyond their own capabilities.



Since individual data is a valuable asset, it requires strict measures. Companies are increasingly recognizing their responsibility when it comes to storing individual data. Governments pass strict laws to ensure the necessary security. In terms of digital context and security protection, traceability plays an important role. The focus is primarily on technological intelligence and engineering, as well as the ownership and control of individual data.

Cyber Security

New technologies such as innovation and engineering create possible security weaknesses and open gateways for cyber hackers. When it comes to IT security, there are key rules: protecting IT powered networks, using innovation to improve security defenses and detecting abuse of innovation by hackers at an early stage.

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Artificial Trees

A technology on the issue of the climate change. Trees produce natural CO2. CO2 is largely helpful for global warming. So trees can help keep the earth cool. Scientists are currently developing trees that can draw 100 times as much CO2 from the air as real plants. However, there are still some hurdles in the way of the mass delivery of these trees. However, the inventors already have an option here. The stored CO2 could be offered to companies that could use it to manufacture fiber.


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